ChemInvent™ - Chemical Inventory and MSDS databases

ChemInvent is a Microsoft Access database used to maintain inventories of chemicals. ChemInvent allows collecting inventory data using barcode-enabled Palm handheld computers (such as SPT-1500), transferring the data to a PC and generating reports of chemical inventories. It is also used for keeping information on the inventory transferred to waste and can generate waste inventory reports.

You can explore ChemInvent's abilities by viewing the manual and help files that come with the program.

ChemInvent is typically used with Pendragon Forms (by Pendragon Software corporation). Pendragon Forms helps create a data collection database on the Palm PDA and link it with ChemInvent. We chose Pendragon because of the best licensing cost to the end users and total sufficiency for Access interfacing.

is a Microsoft Access database used to simplify Material Safety Data Sheets retrieval. MSDSL contains a catalog of searchable chemical names, CAS numbers and other data that is linked to the MSDS document library. This library contains several thousand scanned MSDS documents in PDF format.

ChemInvent and MSDSL are integrated and allow the retrieval of MSDS for chemicals in the inventory. The August 22, 2010SDS, creating MSDS packages, referencing MSDS and chemicals by storage location, owner, hazard rating, CAS number and other useful criteria.

Palm interface
further increases the flexibility and usefulness of the software. The small, lightweight Palm handheld can be used to...

collect inventory data... dispose of chemicals... get MSDS for barcoded items... and perform other tasks.

Once the data are collected on the Palm handheld, a single HotSync operation transfers the data to the desktop where the main database is updated and can be queried, reports produced, MSDS looked up, etc.