ChemInvent™ database family

ChemInvent family of databases is designed to address the needs of users who need to record, change and obtain various reports on chemical inventory. Presently, ChemInvent family includes ChemInvent, MSDSL and Mini-Ci databases. Below is a short description of these products.

ChemInvent™ is AinaCo's premium software package and includes one year free design support. ChemInvent features:

ChemInvent provides a number of built in reporting features (see the Manual and Help for more details):

ChemInvent can work together with MSDSL to keep track of MSDS for chemicals in the inventory, in which case a number of additional features becomes available.

ChemInvent is a transaction-based database in which records are always added to the database and never deleted. This lends ChemInvent to some advanced uses, such as tracking of chemical consumption, ordering frequency, requirement analyses and waste prediction. User's requirements for advanced use are discussed at the time of order and can be adjusted during the one-year development support period.

A royalty-free barcode font is licensed with ChemInvent for unlimited use in the organization to allow printing of low cost or custom size barcode labels.

MSDSL is a MSDS tracking and identification database. It addresses a need of some companies to track scanned paper MSDS, which presently is often replaced by accessing MSDS online. MSDSL allows the user to:

When used with ChemInvent, MSDSL will link to the inventory and provide extra features:

We recommend using MSDSL if you have strict requirements to use MSDS that you receive from the chemicals manufacturer. If your requirements are relaxed, it will be more cost-efficient for you to use one of the MSDS services available on the Internet.

Mini-Ci™ is a capable chemical inventory database created to address the needs of users who require basic chemical inventory at lower cost. Mini-Ci still offers most of the features of ChemInvent:

At present MiniCi does not include barcode tracking capability.

Mini-Ci is recommended to the users on a budget or those who need only a basic chemical inventory database and do not require advanced features available in ChemInvent. Users with advanced knowledge of MS Access can expand MiniCi by creating their own queries and other additions to the database.